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At the core of the Concerned Residents Coalition are its members. The environmental health and safety of our community hangs in the balance. Click here to find out more about CRC membership. However if you are ready to join now click here for the Membership Application Form.
The Concerned Residents Coalition is a community group formed to support a thorough and fair assessment of the Hidden Quarry application. The environmental health and safety of our community hangs in the balance. The CRC have approximately 700 members (and growing). Click here to find out more about the CRC and how you can participate in protecting our community.

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CRC Stop Hidden QuarryMake your voice heard by signing this petition to STOP the Hidden Quarry. Sign Here...

Election Endorsements: "We need a strong Council who will not only ensure a comprehensive evaluation of the quarry proposal... In Louise Marshall, Doug Tripp, John Scott and Chris White we think we have candidates who have the skills, knowledge and the backbone..."... more.

Due to concerns expressed by many individual residents and the CRC at the public Council meeting on Aug 12 that the quarry operator James Dick will profit while the community pays in reduced property values, road maintenance costs, reduction of tax revenues, dangerous driving conditions, pollution, higher taxes (to cover all these losses), etc., council approved the hiring of a consultant to conduct the economic impact study, with the cost covered by James Dick Construction... more.

Over 200 unhappy attandees at the Aug 12 special public Council Meeting in Rockwood help Council reallize that the "cost to the community" of the proposed Hidden Quarry mine needs a professional review... more.